Varieties of Reactive Dyes

We are the foremost Reactive Dyes Manufacturer in Ahmedabad and Reactive Dyes Exporters in Ahmedabad. These types of the dyes are generally used for the coloring of the cellulose components like cotton or flax these reactive dyes are highly useful and are providing the best coloration whenever they are used. One of the maximum essential additives of the fabric enterprise and lots of others, dyes are compounds which have the capacity to stick to any cloth main to it being coloured. There are a huge variety of characteristics in addition to variations of dyes which might be to be had withinside the marketplace that producers produce however the maximum desired via way of means of customers are those who shade cloth on the soonest at the same time as being chemically stable. The maximum essential elements that qualitatively mirror any dye are temperature and time

The reactive dyes like Reactive Cold Dyes, Reactive Hot Dyes, Reactive ME Dyes, Reactive HE Dyes, Reactive Vinly Sulphone based Dyes are manufactured, supplied and exported by us that also on affective pricing.

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